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AuthorSky Chan
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, emotional, ggj2021, Pixel Art, Sokoban, Top-Down


source code 6 kB


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pass all levels, good game


Game similar to Sokoban.
There should be an option to build levels, test and publish.
Statistically fewer movements.
When resetting the game you have an option to save the player's name.

You can copy the source code to the PuzzleScript editor and add new levels


feature request:

as a player,
i want to know the level id of the current level
so that i can refer to it when discussing about it.

Really great as a game. I am really "lost" and then i "found" the solution. (although you can say the same thing to practically every puzzles lolz)

Puzzle elements very simple but provides lots of potential as elements for puzzles.

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btw i am stuck at level 7 right now :)

gotta use my brain harder


i love it simple and straight forward